How not to Park your Boat in the Dark

by JC

rehberg crash

Yes, this is the Rehberg crash scene. Click on the photo for a larger version.

Update: Doug points us to an update at the Flathead Beacon. It appears that some of the injuries are more serious than initially reported. I took an early “stable” report to mean that everybody was doing ok and out of danger, poking fun at the inanity of the picture.

But it appears that Dustin Frost, Rehberg’s state director suffered a head injury. Had I known that, I would not have made fun of the accident at his expense, and for that I apologize to him and his family, and to the others that may have been seriously injured. And I’ve toned down the entry, accordingly.

I am all too aware of brain injuries, being a survivor myself, and volunteering to work with people and children with TBI and acquired learning disabilities.

  1. JByrd

    I’m just glad The Professor and Mary Ann weren’t on board.

  2. petetalbot

    Man, looking at that photo, it’s amazing nobody died.

  3. mick

    Oh!! Captain !!!!! Where is my captain! Rehberg suffers massive head injury, expected to make full recovery at local health club.

  4. 4milesembie

    I don’t see anything funny about it and think less of this post for it being described as funny.

    Where’s your humanity?

  5. JC

    As of 5:30pm friday, Rehberg had surgery for a broken ankle. Eric Iverson (his ex-chief) said on MPR that Denny had a “pretty good bump on the head.”

    Well, at least he’ll have a good excuse for his next screwup.

  6. deb

    I certainly hope all they recover. That accident could have had fatalities, from the look of it, and I’m grateful that so far all involved are still breathing topside.

    I also hope they all have good insurance.

    However, nobody is asking certain questions, so I’ll play ‘Mrs. Obviouswoman’ and ask:

    1. Who was driving;
    2. Was the driver sober; and,
    3. Was everybody of ‘legal age’?

  7. Bob Brigham

    * You like my parking? You should see me ride a horse.

    * He jumped the flathead monster.

    * And then Rehberg said he needed a platform to run for governor and Barkus took him literally.

  8. I’m not ready to joke about this until everyone who was on board has recovered.

  9. SeenClearly

    Jebus ! The rescue helicopter isn’t even cooled down yet. Come on guys.

  10. Truxton Rolfe

    Kinda brings a whole new meaning to, “Hold my beer and watch this!”

    If there isn’t alcohol involved in this in one way or another, I’ll walk down Higgins in a pink speedo and Ron Paul t-shirt while handing out copies of The Watchtower.

    Spinning ain’t just for whirling dervishes anymore. Would someone please cue up that good Republican Hank Jr.’s “Family Tradition” and call Eric Iverson? He’s gunna have some splainin’ to do…..

  11. klemz

    Are you fucking kidding me? The Plaxico rule only applies to the one holding the gun — or, in this case, the wheel. Rehberg was the victim of an accident (this time).

    Bad form, dude. Very bad form.

  12. mick

    “Rehberg tests limits of Government Health Plan”

  13. mick

    “Rehberg orders round of 5 on the rocks”

  14. mick


  15. mick

    “I blinked and it was over”

  16. mick

    “i should have had a V-8”

  17. mick


  18. Jim Lang

    This is what happens with Republicans at the wheel…. Bush did the same thing with the ship of state.

  19. Pronghorn

    “Two of the campers who left Friday afternoon after making statements said authorities told them not to discuss anything they had seen at the accident site.”


    Is MT FWP at the helm in this investigation?

  20. Pogo Possum

    To Wulfgar, Mick, Rebecca, Truxton and and the others who think this is funny……….your comments are immature and show a total lack of class.

    My thanks to the responsible adults in the room (Pete, Jay Stevens, Klemz, jhwygirl, SeenClearly and a few others) who do have class and show empathy for injured people involved in what could have been a fatal accident. Some of the people injured on that boat are my friends and I deeply respect your comments. Thank you.

    • No Pogo, immaturity and lack of class are displayed when an assclown endangers himself and his passengers by going too fast in a vehicle in the middle of the night and running headlong into a big rock. That is no class. If as it appears to be, that Barkus was driving, then your moral outrage should be directed at him. One would think that the least a responsible adult and good “friend” could do.

    • JC

      Spare the crocodile tears PoPo.

      I hope that Rehberg, et al. are appreciating their taxpayer funded, government-run health care. Maybe they’ll be a little more compassionate to those who are less fortunate than they.

      If they hadn’t been reported in stable condition, I would have given this blog a different tone.

      By the way, where were you doling out the compassion when I told my story about getting swarmed by yellow jackets and breaking some ribs? Could have been a fatal accident. And I didn’t have any government-run insurance or taxpayers to pick up my doctor bill, so I went without.

      Sometimes, being bitter leads one to see irony and humor where others may not.

      • Pogo Possum

        Like I said gentlemen…….you have no class.

        • Pogo Possum

          Let me apologize and rephrase my last comment. Your “comments” have no class.

          I can understand that from JC and Wulfgar. But PBear, you are better than that. I appreciate your passion and know it sometimes leads you to say things I think are over the top. But, I have seen you show much greater compassion and respect in the past.

        • JC

          We’re just not showing compassion and respect for those whom you think we should, PoPo.

          If you wouldn’t read my other writings with a jaundiced eye, you would see that I have great compassion for people, particularly those who are less fortunate than others.

          I just don’t happen to think that having a golden spoon is raison d’être to indulge in fawning over another’s self-inflicted misfortune.

        • Pogo Possum

          . . . another’s self-inflicted misfortune.”

          In case you didn’t take time to read the news articles, JC, Rehberg, Kathy Barkus, Dustin and Kristin didn’t “self inflict” anything. They were passengers in a boat.

        • Jim Lang

          Agreeing to let a Republican steer – a really dumb choice.

        • JC

          We’ll revisit this once the toxicology reports are in.

          But if you are driving with an inebriated driver (and I’m not drawing any conclusions right now), you have a choice. Either you get out, play designated driver if sober, or you accept the consequences of your actions.

          Joy riding in a car/boat with a bunch of partiers can and does result in self-inflicted injuries, regardless of who is driving. Or don’t you believe in personal responsibility?

          And I was speaking in the generic, not the specific about those with golden spoons.

  21. JC

    Not sure what you mean about Barkus being at the helm of MT FWP. He was a commissioner at FWP from 89-93. He’s currently the MT senate whip and chair of the FWP committee.

    He’s also senior VP at DA Davidson.

    In any case, FWP investigating Barkus seems a little bit odd. Kind of like a sheriff’s dept investigating a county commissioner. They really should pull in some independent sources like a tribal game warden (they patrol the south half of the lake) or the coast guard.

    • They’re probably coordinating with the other jurisdictions, and, as you point out, even if it wasn’t on tribal lands, they probably called them in because of the possibility it was out on that water at some point.

      Law officers usually work together. At least try.

  22. Pogo, my heart does go out to Dustin Frost. But let’s be serious here. You are not the arbiter of “class”. You only think you are because you have so swallowed the poison that say’s: IOKIYAAR. At no point have I laughed at the expense of the victims in this incident.

    But if you were honest, and I know that you’re not, you would admit that if this were a bunch of ‘good ole boys’ who did this and some had died, we’d be reading about this on the Darwin awards.

    Save your self-pity, masquerading as concern for others. Barkus was being stupid. He could have killed a member of Congress, and everyone on that boat. It’s not okay just because Republicans think themselves above morality. And in case you haven’t gotten the word, I have no sympathy for stupid. (Why yes, I am actually pointing at you.)

    • Pogo Possum

      And that is the type of comment I have come to expect from you, Wulfgar.

    • Pogo Possum

      August 28, 2009 at 4:53 pm

      I don’t see anything funny about it and think less of this post for it being described as funny.

      Where’s your humanity?

      August 28, 2009 at 5:01 pm

      Some jackoff drove a boat up the rocks, and you don’t see the humor in that? If this were on youtube it would have a 5 star rating. Get a grip, kitten.

      August 29, 2009 at 2:37 pm

      . . . .At no point have I laughed at the expense of the victims in this incident.”

      • Hence the stupidity on your part. You pointed out that the passengers are victims. Even Klemz agreed that our derision (the Plexico rule) should apply to the driver. That’s what I’ve done, and you refuse to. Man up, Pogo, if you’re able …

      • Or is the man who almost killed your good friends also a good friend, and so you forgive him while blaming those of us who don’t? Inquiring wants to know.

        • Pogo Possum

          You have made my point repeatedly.

          Now I am going out to enjoy some music at the Roots Festival

          • You have no point. That’s the only point I have made.

            Ohhh, how can you “enjoy” while your good good friends lie injured and suffering. You heartless bastard …

            Or, you’re just an idiot who lost an argument and wishes to flee.

            I wonder which is true …

  23. Dustin Frost was seriously hurt. I know his family, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his recovery…

  24. You’re all a bunch of fuckin’ assholes.

  25. problembear

    we all thought it was bumps and bruises based on the news reports rusty. very apologetic now that this injury comes to light 36 hours later. of course, had we known about this i am sure none of this would have happened. i am requesting that jc consider deleting this post and the comments now that dustin frost’s injury has surfaced. i take a good deal of the blame myself with the first comment. not my best work and i don’t think anything good was accomplished by it.

    very ashamed, rusty. your remonstrance is well deserved and i apologize for anything i have said which may give anyone involved any further pain.

    stupid and inexcusable behavior.

    and thanks to pete, jhwygirl and jay for being good examples in this. too bad i didn’t listen. i apologize to you as well.

    i deleted my own comments here. if the S.O. saw what i wrote there would be a very severe penalty to pay tonight. i was raised by wolverines but trained later by jesuits. i should know better than to act like this.

    it is now time to put my energy back to abusing those who deserve it- senator max baucus and the slimy weasels who bribe him to betray us.

    • goof houlihan

      The Moving Finger types; and, having typed,
      Moves on: nor all your false Piety nor Wit
      Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
      Nor all your attempts to backtrack wash out a Word of it

    • Chill, pbear. Don’t let yourself be manipulated by a bunch of self-righteous jerkwads who care far more about making you feel bad then they do about any living soul that doesn’t fluff their … pockets. Dustin Frost got a serious head injury, and all prognosis is good. That changes nothing about the stupidity of this accident. Don’t let the bastards make a martyr when there is none.

      • problembear

        preciate the gesture wulgar….not worried about what others think. worried about what i think. i think i need to slow down and not try to be so entertaining with dumb come backs and assanine taunts all the time. it deflects from the message and harms progress toward the real issues. i am not too impressed with myself right now.

        need to concentrate on being more of a conduit -giving voice to those who need to be heard and helped. less ego. more substance.

        goof, pogo and rusty have every reason to be outraged because i am outraged at myself.

  26. Chuck Feney

    Denny on the Rocks

    A Montana politician named Barkus
    Tried to turn a Congressman into a carcass.
    After a night of hard drinking,
    With his breath vapor stinking,
    On the rocks he tried to lethally park us.

    It began, as these thing often do,
    At a party full of spirits and brew,
    But they had a deadline to make
    To get across Flathead Lake
    So the Congressman rallied the crew.

    When they assembled down at the gang plank
    It was obvious they were all in the tank.
    But they had to decide
    In whose vessel they’d ride
    So they chose Barkus to hold Captain’s rank.

    Then they loaded the boat to embark,
    And they decided to race through the dark.
    Their Noah knew his way to land
    Like the back of his hand
    But disaster awaited this ark.

    Folks said this crew could be heard for a mile
    A Voyage of the Medusa, Republican style!
    Barkus pulled down on the throttle,’
    As he tipped back the bottle,
    And on the shoals his new boat he did pile!

    The legislators and staff all got tossed,
    And they feared that a few would be lost.
    But some folks heard the crash
    And were there in a flash
    To save the crew of that Skipper well sauced.

    Here’s something for Montanans to note:
    Why would anyone get into a boat
    That went speed at night,
    Without any running light,
    And was piloted by a drunken old goat?

    But this Barkus, who’s quite a sly fox,
    Is trying to keep himself out of Court docks.
    He wants evidence denial,
    And a relocated trial,
    For the crime of spillin’ “Denny on the Rocks”!
    Charles Ulysses Feney
    Livingston, Montana © 2009

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