You Wonder Why Montana Has a Reputation for Nutcases? Extremeists?

by jhwygirl

Because we elect people like Rep. Alan Hale, of Basin Montana. Legislators that have no problem standing up for the right to drink and drive.

If case you missed the action on the floor of the Montana House today, here’s a cut of Rep. Hale championing drinking and driving as “a way of life that has been in Montana for years and years,” and that all the laws aimed at cracking down on DUI’s are destroying small business.

There is so much wrong with that statement – can’t call it logic – that I honestly don’t know where to begin.

Certainly Hale was squalling his war cry for more than just himself? A majority of voters in Basin and Boulder and House District 77 support this point of view?

Or was Rep. Alan Hale purely serving his own economic interests?

Supermontanareporter John S. Adams, at his blog The Lowdown points out that Hale owns a bar.

It’s not hard to put together…especially when bill passed the volatile GOP-controlled House 88-12.

So Hale put out the last hail that only his ale-loving mind could put out: It’s anti-business!

He probably could have gotten a few more votes if he had said that he had personally talked to several tavern and bar and restaurant owners and all of them had personally told them that they were going to have to close up shop.

I hope the people of Boulder and Basin and the rest of House District 77 that elected this neanderthal remember Rep. Hale’s priorities come 2012: Business and profit over lives and safety of both the general public and the drunk driver.

Don’t miss Pogie on Rep. Hale’s pro-DUI speech, either.

Honestly? I’m kind of embarrassed for all of my Republican friends. When they do talk about what is happening up there, they’re embarrassed.

I’d say that Rep. Hale isn’t helping things in that department.

On that note – has Rep. Knox yet remembered whether he’s ever sold marijuana before? You’d really think he’d want to clear that up.

I also want to say “HA” to all of you who criticized me for saying that drinking and Montana is a way of life here and that the culture has to change. If I recall I was accused of overstating the issue.

Think of the comfort level Hale had today (misguided as it were) as he stood there on the floor championing drinking and driving. Mind boggling.

Or not.

  1. CharleyCarp

    (Gritting teeth in vain effort to avoid Gilligan’s Island reference.)

    The sad truth is that he’s probably right, as you are J-grl: it has been a culture, a way of life. And it is going to change, a change that while on balance good for society, is not going to be without cost to a number of individuals.

    There was that Missoulian story a few days ago about the Turah Bar, trying to hang on just a few years more while trade is way down. They blame the smoking ban, but it’s more likely better enforcement and societal disapproval of DUI that’s killing them.

  2. The Col. Sanders tie in the screen grab was the first sign of trouble. Extra crispy, please.

  3. I’ve often thought that if The US was serious about stopping drunk driving, we’d do things like fund a shuttle service for bar patrons.

  4. Ingemar Johansson

    You have Republican friends?

  5. Disappointed in Dems

    I have been proud of many of the Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee that have had to stand up against some of the worst bills of the entire session, and as jhwygirl says, that’s really something this year. Two of these Democrats however, stand out as major disappointments and women across Montana should be aware of them. Rep. Margie McDonald (D-Billings) and Rep. Robyn Driscoll (D-Billings) both voted for a repulbican amendment to SB 97 (Shockely’s unconstitutional bill that puts young women in danger by forcing them to notify their parents if they terminate a pregnancy–even if they are victims if incest and rape). These two MORONS tried to help Shockley pass his bill by voting for is amendment. They should be held accountable.

  6. Corrine

    I wonder how these two could have been so callous to women? Why on earth would they do something so stupid. I wrote to them and got no response…Hale, what a piece of work!

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