i like my government without proselytizing thanks…


by problembear

this just in from  missoulian via twitter: jones defeated in school board election! thank you missoula! Pickhardt 45% knapp 38% jones 17%    good news for those who believe in freedom!

our good friend linda sent us an e-mail reminding us to vote in the upcoming school board election this tuesday may 6th.

quoting linda’s email:

three people are running for two open seats; Pickhardt, Knapp and Jones. Sometimes we want to vote “none of the above” and sometimes it feels like “the devil or the deep blue sea.” and sometimes we have to vote for someone we are not that fond of in order to prevent someone worse from getting elected. this is one of those times. please see the article on page 8 in this week’s edition of the missoula independent.(closed quotes)

paraphrasing here:

Jones and his friend Tei Nash have no comprehension of the separation of church and state. they answer to a “higher authority” take the bible totally literally and have no tolerance for those they feel are not leading a christian life as they interpret it. please vote for Pickhardt and Knapp. we must do everything we can to get enough votes to keep Jones out of our publicly funded and taxpayer supported schools. the ultra conservatives will be out in force and it is important that we turn out the vote to neutralize this power grab by a tiny segment of our population.

our kids deserve the best education system we can afford free from harrassment and proselytizing by right wing intolerant fanatics. after all- this is not pakistan. it’s the united states of america where we separate our religion (whether it be taliban or christian) from our government affairs.

please pass along linda’s message and ask your friends, family and neighbors to vote this tuesday……it’s important. i for one do not think that missoulians want any more crazy votes by our school board to ban completely harmless films about recycling again. do we?

as a missoulian that vote really embarrassed me…and trust me when i tell you, it takes a lot to embarrass a problembear.

  1. goof houlihan


    I like this blog for it’s discussion into “original intent”.

    Your link describes a candidate I would NOT vote for. Unfortunately, and it may not be in this case, but increasingly, the choices seem to fall to a choice of either the far left and their hatred of western civilization, or these antidisestablishmentarians.

    I spent so much time correcting the anti western “ology” drummed into the heads of my kids at the public schools that it would have been easier to teach them philosophy and history myself.

    • Lizard

      i would love to hear some examples, goof. how has the public schools promoted anti-western “ologies”?

      • goof houlihan

        “how has the public schools promoted”

        They has forgotten to teach grammar, apparently.

        As for answering your question, you’ll have to do your own research. But I made sure they accepted no apologia for “the lights of science and reason” shining in a dark world of primitive mysticism.

        • klemz

          Well that’s an audacious argument, goof. As someone sympathetic to western ologies as, if nothing else, a matter of sentimentality, I was hoping for examples.

          Out the sterilizers, I say. We already have one San Francisco and it doesn’t even allow nudity at Bay-to-Breakers anymore, by god.

        • Lizard

          i am definitely a product of a failing public education system, goof. really great point. yer educators must have done a much better job fifty years ago when you were getting indoctrinated because it’s still working.

  2. Jesus Christ

    You atheist heathens. Have you no respect for the sacrifices I made for your sins?

    It’s not proselytizing if it’s the Truth. And if it’s the Truth, all the kids in public school should learn to believe it or be punished.

    Now everyone pray!

  3. God

    Way to tell em son. You went through way too much to simply be written-off like some kind of republican formality.

    These unworthy punks should be bowing and reciting your name in school every day.

    Not one more word of liberal propaganda about global warming or free speech.

    It’s not free until I make it free.

    Now everyone pray!

    • reality

      Oh look everybody, “God” is back!!

      It is not bad enough that he refuses to actually pay attention to the world now he and his son are butt hurt that the mere mortals have figured out that we can wiggle our fingers and toes all by our little selves…

      But please do enlighten us to this thing you refer to as the Truth. Really. Because to me the only truth is that life is shit and then you die.

      And to that I will drink which is my version of the prayer.

      • God

        Your sarcasm has hurt my feelings.

        I’m going to sulk now.

        You should feel very guilty reality.

        Every time we clash, you hurt my feelings and undermine my cred with the peeps.

        They need me, so maybe you should stop.

        • reality

          so apparently being omnipotent does not include having thick skin.

          my bad

          • Jesus Christ

            This is the reason I have always needed to be the go between with you two.

            Both humans and reality tend to be very tough on the skin.

  4. Tei Nash was my boss at Summit Beverage for a couple of years. Truly a supreme douchenozzle – there’s no way around it. He’s the kind of guy that seems completely aware that he has no idea what he’s talking about – but sincerely believes that pretend certainty trumps any kind of actual knowledge.

    I knew that carried over into his political and religious views… and I’m not terribly surprised as to what extent they do. Give him credit for conviction, though… he’s a lot like our last President.

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